Cable Drop Clips w/ 3M

These little things are a lifesaver! I use them at home in every bedroom for every phone changer we own. No more picking up the cord at night to charge your device. It’s already on the nightstand, desk, or table. To me, its the little things in life that change your everyday life. My favorite is for the office because i used to always roll over my charger cord with my chair. Now the cord is already on the desk ready to go. I received my item for a discounted rate for my honest review. Everything is 100% true and my own opinion. I also have a massive super computer that I use for gaming and video editing. I have LOTS AND LOTS of cords and could never get organized. Now all my cords are contained to the table in a nice and neat set-up. Hopefully one day cords will go away but for now I have these. #Vorfreude